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SLAM Foul Weather Gear includes the FORCE Series with the top seller being the SLAM Force 4 Jacket and Force 4 Long Johns. SLAM Force Series of of foul weather gear offers a solid combination of gear for all sailors and conditions.

SLAM Sailing Gear and crew clothing brings style and innovation for anyone who loves the ocean or that coastal feeling. SLAM has long been attentive to product innovation, to the extent that they have made hi-tech their vocation. They have preserved their original pioneering spirit, to constantly explore whatever is new and to continually strive to produce avant-garde materials and achieve an improvement in the quality of garments. See the SLAM Core Collection Catalog

SLAM makes some of the most innovative and stylish sailing jackets on the market. If you need a lightweight jackets the SLAM Summer Sailing Jacket is perfect for a light day on the water or in town in the evening.